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Joshua Nasielski, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph (2019-Present)

Ph.D (2019) – University of Guelph

Email: nasielsk (at)

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Research Vision: To conduct world-class crop science research that benefits Ontario’s agriculture industry and makes wider scientific contributions. The team executes this vision using a combination of field trials, crop modelling, and greenhouse experiments. We are also involved in extension and knowledge mobilization efforts to ensure the ‘word gets out’.

My own expertise is in crop science, at the intersection of crop physiology and agronomy. I work collaboratively with agronomists, economists, soil scientists, ecologists, and modellers to ensure we are doing world-class work. I also am pleased to work closely with skilled research technicians at the Winchester, New Liskeard and Emo Research Stations.

Our research focuses on corn, soybean, wheat and oats, some of Ontario’s main field crops. See our current research for a flavor of the types of projects we engage in. There are alot of projects on the go, and this all only happens because we have excellent team members.

Current Team Members

Ken Janovicek, Research Associate