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Joshua Nasielski, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph (2019-Present)

Ph.D (2019) – University of Guelph

Email: nasielsk (at)

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My own expertise is in crop science, at the intersection of crop physiology and agronomy. I work collaboratively with agronomists, economists, soil scientists, ecologists, and modelers to ensure we are doing world-class work. I also am pleased to work closely with skilled research technicians at the Winchester, New Liskeard and Emo Research Stations.

Kurtis Pilkington, M.Sc Student (2021-)

Co-supervised with Dr. David Hooker

B.Sc.Agr, University of Guelph (2020)

Thesis topic: Effect of plant growth regulators on winter wheat yield, lodging and biomechanics

Jongwon Kang, Ph.D Student (2022-)

M.Sc, Plant Breeding, Chungbuk National University, South Korea (2021). Advisor: Dr. Yoon-Sup So.

Jongwon’s Ph.D research is focused on corn physiology and agronomy. His research includes: using the DNDC biogeochemical model to analyze the effect of nitrogen application timing on N2O emissions, improving corn phenology predictions by incorporating solar radiation into traditional GDD models, analyzing weather/soil/crop datasets to understand what conditions are conducive to late nitrogen applications in corn.

Gavin Brady, M.Sc Student (2022-)

Co-supervised with Dr. John Lauzon

B.Sc.Agr, University of Guelph (2022)

My research currently focuses on gaining better understanding of the effects of drought upon corn nitrogen uptake and metabolism. Furthermore, the impacts of differing N sources, timings, application methods, and rates are also being analyzed. The aim of this research is to contribute towards an updated best nitrogen management plan.

Lance Javier, MSc Student (2023- present)

I graduated from Western University with a BSc in Integrated Sciences with a specialization in Biology. For my undergraduate honors thesis project, I investigated how soil contaminated with microplastics and copper affected the growth of soybeans. As a new MSc candidate in Dr. Nasielski’s lab, I have not yet chosen a MSc project. However, I would like to research the effects of different crop management strategies on yield while promoting environmental stewardship and soil health. I aspire to conduct good agronomic research that helps farmers, and to have an educational role in sharing this information with the public.

Seth Ristma, M.Sc student (2022-present)

Co-supervised with Dr. David Hooker

I’m currently working on a planting date project that looks at 12 and 10 different hybrids/varieties of corn and soybean planted in April, May, and June to analyze the interaction between planting date and crop maturity, along with soybean seeding rate. The goal is to create
profitable, data-backed Ontario-specific recommendations for farmers to use in order to improve early/late planting decisions, along with investigating the plant-to-plant variability in corn across
different maturity selection and planting date

Lauren Miller, Honor’s Undergrad Project (2023-present)

I am an undergraduate student in my 4th year of Plant Science, here at Guelph. I have the privilege to work in this lab for my Undergraduate Research Project in Agriculture. The goals for my project are to standardize methodology for compaction of field soils, and gain a deeper understanding of how compaction influences root system architecture of corn and soy. Instead of destroying the root system to analyze these effects, I’ll be using an x-ray scanner made available by the School of Environmental Sciences and Dr. Richard Heck. I am glad for the research experience I have gained since being part of this lab. 


Farzana Yasmin, M.Sc (co-supervised with Dr. Laura Van Eerd) 2021-2023,  Effect of bio-strip tillage and cover crop mixtures on cover crop biomass and subsequent grain corn (Zea mays L.) yield in Ontario

Dr. Jinwook Kim, 2022-2023 – Post-doctoral Fellow

Emma Dieleman, M.Sc (co-supervised with Dr. Dave Hooker), 2021-2023 – Planting date and management effects on winter wheat yield and physiology. Currently working as an agronomist with Syngenta Canada

Allison Bailey, M.Sc (co-supervised with Dr. Bill Deen), 2019-2021 – Long-term effects of nitrogen fertilizer application rate on soil properties. Currently working as a Senior Residue Agronomist with Bayer CropScience.

Sakena Qaiser, NSERC Undergraduate Researcher, 2021